Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Christ is in our midst! Welcome to the Dad Devotionals Podcast.

This a show for Christian fathers and husbands who want advice to win the race to Christ. We discuss how to be the men God called us to be and how to be role models for our children.

As Christian men, we are called to be leaders in the home and we talk about the best ways we can support our wives and children.

Topics include raising kids in the Christian faith, fulfilling your duty as a father, and how to be the priests of our little home churches.

Past guests include: Father Barnabas Powell, Dr. Phillip Mamalakis, Abbott Tryphon and Deacon Sean Reid with more Christian faithful to come.

I hope you enjoy listening – and please share this podcast with your friends, family, and Church community.

In Christ,

Dave Domzalski, Host


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