Dwell On These Things


Change your life by changing the messages that enter your mind! Learn to see yourself through God’s eyes by spending thirty-one days feeding your heart a new, biblical message of encouragement.



Dwell on These Things: A Thirty-One-Day Challenge to Talk to Yourself Like God Talks to You

by John Stange

What difference do you believe it could make if you spent the next thirty-one days dwelling on what God wants you to hear and what He has already told you in His Word? What if you focused on truths like:
*  You are loved more deeply than you typically realize.
*  Your trials can be an occasion for joy.
*  Your mind can dwell on God’s kindness toward you.
*  You can bear with the weaknesses, preferences, and maturity level of others.
*  You can rely on God’s love.

Let this be your first step in a great journey toward insight, encouragement, and self-acceptance that is both biblical and beneficial!

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